Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Subscribing to more feeds in Google reader was really easy. I was able to search for feeds by topic or search term. So now, in addition to my classmates blogs, I have:

KDKA Pittsburgh News
Library Stuff
Crockpot Recipes
Free iTune Downloads

I am going to attempt to put my public library into my reader as well. A RSS feed is like free publicity for libraries. The community will be informed of any new library developments and events. My library also has book sales (that I habitually miss). It will be nice not to miss another one!

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  1. Cathie,

    In my post I also wrote that RSS feeds are a great way to advertise events that are occuring at the public library. It is an easy way to reach a ton of readers at once. The library just has to make sure that users are aware of this useful tool!