Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WEEK 9 - THING #20

My daughter watches YouTube for music videos so I am pretty familiar with it. It can be very addicting, like the recommended 70s commercials. I went through those for about 45 minutes. I tried to watch Conan the Librarian but a message came up saying it was removed due to terms of use violations. I wonder what that is about. I very much enjoyed the Introduction to the Book. I watched this in my very first MLS course here at Clarion. I really can't find anything particularly negative about the YouTube site. I kind of like the video suggestions on the side and it loads relatively quickly. For libraries, I think YouTube would work well with booktalks. Just think, along with being able to read others' reviews of books wouldn't it be cool to have a YouTube video booktalk to view? I have found that I really enjoy giving booktalks. I think I will video tape them and make them available in my library.

I chose this video because I really liked this book "Dewey". I love cats and books so this was a book made for me. I would love to work in a public library that has a library cat. When I see my cat curled up in a patch of sunlight, it makes me want to grab a book and curl up with him (and I have). I recommend this book to anyone that loves cats!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

WEEK 8 - THING #19

I love LibraryThing. It is so easy to add books and edit them. I put my five books for my WebQuest in my "To Read" collection date. I also set about putting some books in my "Favorites" collection. I gave my WebQuest books tags. I sorted all my books by publication date. I love how you can choose from different book covers and how you can see how many people like what you like. As for my five WebQuest books, the most popular one "Indian Chiefs" was in 68 other members' libraries. One of my titles "American Indian Tribes" was only in my library, no one else has it. It is an older book so maybe that is part of the reason. LibraryThing is going to be a big help to me. I read so many books that I can't remember all of their titles so I end up reading up to 50 pages before I get that feeling that I have read it before. Now I can check my LibraryThing account I know for sure. It will take a while to get all of the books that I have read added to my account but it will be worth it. Here is my link: