Monday, October 12, 2009

WEEK 6 - THING #15

I found an example of a modification of this program. Below is a link to a Power Point presentation created by Allen County Public Library located in Fort Wayne, IN. The presentation shows how they modified the 23 things to make it their own. Also shown is how they pitched it to the board and how it was implemented. Very interesting!

Would you believe a friend of mine admitted to me she doesn’t use the library because it intimidates her? That said, I think that Library 2.0, among other things, needs to be about making patrons see that the library is there for them and not some information warehouse that they don’t, or are not permitted to have the key to. The latest technology should be implemented only if it improves the patrons experience in the library, not to make it more confusing. Michael Stephens wrote in The OCLC Newsletter, that librarians need to be careful of technolust. He also mentioned that it is important that the library be transparent. Including the patrons in new projects and getting their feedback would be a good start. So that is what Library 2.0 means to me, a library with a logical balance between user-centered and technology-friendly atmosphere.


  1. so librarians have to find a good balance between tech to invite and tech that overwhelms