Saturday, November 21, 2009

Needs Assessment - Hardware

Metzgar Elementary School
Assistive Technology Plan - Hardware

I. Targeted Population

Students with mobility disorders (MD) such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, cerebral palsy and congenital abnormalities may have difficulties accessing computers and/or completing classroom tasks. Providing assistive technology in Metzgar Elementary School for this population would allow them the same opportunities that their peers have to succeed in school.

II. Why do you want to use technology

The proposed technology will bring more independence to students with mobility disorders. Technology would also decrease the time it takes for them to complete a task.

III. For what activities will you be using technology?

Technology will be used to assist students when they are using the computers in the library lab.

IV. How are you completing these activities now?

Currently, library aids are assisting the students. Complications have occurred when aids were not available.

V. When and how often would you use technology throughout a typical day?

This technology would be used during library instruction and any free library time. That constitutes about 2-3 hours daily.

VI. What goals do you plan on achieving by using technology?

By utilizing this technology, our goals are to bring more independence, confidence and competence to our MD students.

VII. Are these environments accessible for technology?

The library computer lab is highly accessible for all of the proposed technology.

XIII. Hardware

Logitech – Webcam Pro 9000 – $79.00

Justification: A webcam that is hooked up to a computer can be used to track a user’s head motion that will in turn move the mouse thus making this task hands-free. Our MD students with limited hand movement will not have to wear uncomfortable headgear or manipulate a foot mouse thereby making this option more discrete and attractive to hesitant students. There are many types of head/eye control software that will work with a common webcam. Webcams can also be used for many other tasks thereby making it an economic and practical piece of hardware. Also important, it does not require a complicated setup process.

Cyber Acoustics Speech Recognition Stereo Headset - $44.99

Justification: This piece of hardware, when used with any number of speech recognition software will allow the user to dictate documents and manipulate the keyboard with voice commands. It cancels out background noise which is always a concern in a busy library. The user will not have to raise his or her voice above a normal speaking level. No elaborate setup is required.

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