Monday, December 7, 2009


What one thing did you learn, and what will you do differently as a result?

I learned that there is a lot of non intrusive technology out there that can help children with disabilities with their schooling and everyday life. I also learned that I should not modify the way I interact with a person just because they are disabled (unless they specifically ask me to do so).

Do you plan to recommend this tutorial? If so, please elaborate.

I would recommend this tutorial to everyone. It is beneficial for people with disabilities and for people without. People should always be open to learning about people who are different from themselves. That is what makes the world go around!

Do you plan to read or recommend some of the Recommended Reading books or add them to your collection? Will you link our LibraryThing list to your blog? If you have a book recommendation or have read one of the books that does not include a review, please send us your own review so we can share it.

I plan on reading a lot of the recommended books. I will then think about who would benefit from a recommendation (I never recommend books without reading them). I have already read three of them, The Child Called It, The Giver, and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I would be happy to send a review when I am finished with the other ones I have selected.

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