Monday, November 2, 2009

WEEK 9 - THING #21

Today was my first experience with a podcast. I was looking forward to learning more about a podcast before I began searching for one but the link for Yahoo: What is a podcast? tutorial is broken. So, I struck out on my own and created an account with I subscribed to a podcast called Wicked Decent Learning. I also, due to a recommendation from one of my classmates, subscribed to The ABC Book Reviews: A Beth and Cari Production. I listened to one episode from Wicked Decent Learning but it did not hold my interest. There was too much kidding around and not enough usable information being discussed. Maybe some of the other episodes will be better. I really enjoyed The ABC Book Reviews so much so that I put it into my Google Reader account (by the way, this was so easy to do, no copying or pasting required). This will be a useful tool for me. It will clue me into any new books being released and give me ideas of who would like these books based on their reviews.

For my library, podcasts could be used for my seeing impaired patrons. I could have book review podcasts for them to listen to (in a designated podcast listening area). Then they could decide for themselves whether they would like to check out that certain audio book.

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